Great Opportunities and Good Profits in Coconut export business

Great Opportunities and Good Profits in Coconut export business

Every year coconut export is growing rapidly from India to Middle east, UK, USA, etc., India’s coconut product exports are set to cross the ₹1812.55 crore mark in financial year 2019, where as in financial year 2018-17 it is 1764.31-crores and in financial year 2016-17 it is 1488-crores. By the end of financial year 2019 coconut export threshold may cross to 2100 crores.
Export growth is increasing with the ratio 11.12% to 5.26 % in last 3 years.
Dry coconut, Green coconut, Fully & Semi husked coconuts, Activated carbon, virgin coconut oil, coconut oil, copra, coconut shell charcoal etc. are the major coconut products exported from India.

Green coconut contributes more than 10%of India’s export earnings India exported 31191.73 tons of fresh coconut, more than 63% of which is to the Gulf region.

Activated carbon accounts for 45% of India’s export earnings from export of coconut products. During the first ten months of 2015-16 India exported 51644.61 tons of activated carbon worth Rs.531.78 crore. Around 32% of activated carbon exported from India is to European Union countries and around 28% to USA.

Coconut shell products like coconut shell ice cream cups, coconut shell bird feeder/ bird nest etc. are also gaining popularity in international markets, according to Coconut Development Board (CDB). Meanwhile, registration cum membership certificates issued by CDB to exporters of coconut products crossed 2000. As on February 25, there are 2038 exporters registered with CDB.

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